What’s Next? EGDF/Neogames roadmap for the future
What is the future of digital games? The lecture will be focusing on future developments that we can expect in the game industry in the following years and decades. We will be talking about upcoming technological trends, how the market will be evolving, what will digital cultures look like, how games will continue to influence societies around the world and what policies will be tied to all these upcoming changes that might or might not arrive till 2040s.

KooPee Hiltunen
In his twenties, KooPee Hiltunen swore that if there was one thing he would never touch, that would be entrepreneurial business. However, over the three decades that followed, he (unwittingly) ended up being a founding member of one co-op, two registered associations, three limited companies, a Swedish ekonomisk förening and a Danish foundation. KooPee’s career in digital media began in 1994. He has worked at Neogames since 2004, and as its director since 2006. When Neogames Finland Assn. was founded in 2012, KooPee was one of the founders. In addition to Neogames, KooPee is a founding member and a member of the board in EGDF (European Games Developer Federation) and NGI (Nordic Game Institute), and runs the activities of the Finnish Game Developers’ Association. His academic background is in literature, though he has successfully avoided an actual degree for nearly thirty years now. KooPee’s taste in games is as archaic as the man himself. His powerful PC mostly runs first-person shooters, and he takes up mobile games less frequently.

KooPee Hiltunen (FI)
Neogames Finland Association