Games Farm: Logic Behind Premium Games Design

Game design is the most important part of each game development. Any mistakes with the game design have fundamental impact on the future game success and costs of the development. Therefore it is essential to put the most attention into the game design already at the drawing board to minimize the overhead and unnecessary costs. In this talk Peter shares his experience with the design of the games he worked upon in the past to help the developers benefit from his experience and failures, or at least consider these failures in the development process.

Peter Nagy is the CEO and development director of Games Farm development studio and Grindstone production company. He worked on more than 20 crossplatform games with various partners and his games were played by millions of players across the world. He also actively participates in the development of the Slovakian gaming industry. His most recently released game is Shadows: Awakening (2018) and currently is working on not yet announced title with Funcom scheduled for 2021 release.