Emulation vs. Original Hardware for 8bit Computer Games

How to run videogames from the 80`s on your PC, notebook or smartphone? In 1980`s, platforms like Sinclair, Didaktik, Atari, Commodore were popular 8 bit computers and they are now an important part of cultural history. At this workshop you will find out how to bring them back to life on Windows or RaspBerry PI, thanks to EmulationStation, RetroArch and other emulators. You will also learn about archives of old games and about Slovak videogame history.

In addition to that, you will have a unique opportunity to see functioning PCs from the 80`s: Didaktik, Pmd 85, Commodore, Philips videopac and Zx Spectrum. We will show you how to set them up, how to load videogames from audiotapes and how to write a simple programme in the Basic programming language.

Workshop lectors: Stanislav Hrda, Palo Kidala