Fighting Games: The Battle For Greater Accessibility

A demonstration of playing AAA games without sight and a discussion on the accessibility of fighting games with SightlessKombat, accessibility consultant and sightless gamer. SightlessKombat will go through how the genre could improve to be more inclusive to players with absolutely no sight whatsoever and will teach you how to play fighting games using only your sense of hearing.


SightlessKombat is a content creator, primarily focused on writing reviews for mainstream games and gaming-related hardware, as well as creating YouTube videos covering gaming from his own perspective as a gamer with absolutely no sight.  In his role as an accessibility consultant, he has been able to provide advice to several studios on how to improve their products, providing feedback that led to the creation of innovative accessibility features including the HUD Volume Slider introduced in Killer Instinct Season 2 and Fabricator Ping in Gears Of War 4 amongst others.

In 2017, SightlessKombat undertook research for a travelling Fellowship with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (WCMT), taking him around the United States conversing with several major studios and game-related companies on the topic of accessibility in the videogame industry.  Since then, he has travelled to destinations including Holland, Germany and France to establish further potential opportunities for future accessibility-related dialogues.