Fendi + United Gameboys of Bratislava

Fendi – Music from Jester’s Quest
The performance offers a music selection from Jester’s Quest – unique pixel art fairy-tale metroidvania style platform game in development. The game is protagonised by a small jester who must save the kingdom and half the princess. The main ingredient of this fairy-tale music selection is electric guitar spice dup with elements of chip-tune, dance rhythms and flavoured with medieval tones and orchestral motifs.

United Gameboys of Bratislava
Crazy experimental music for demanding audiophiles. Enjoy the uncompromising sounds of old Gameboy handheld consoles. Peter Jurišin`s project is inspired mainly by good old ghetto techno and acid house, by the arcade sounds of Nintendo, by primitive melodies and even simpler beats of the old calculator Casio Vl Tone.