Do you know how to program, do graphics, music, could you invent a computer game?

Assemble a team and try to create one over the weekend. We will reveal the topic you will be creating at the beginning of the event!

Game Days join forces with Bratislava Game Jam, GDS Prague and Charles University to bring you a joint Czechoslovak edition in 2020. Game Jam is a competition of programmers, screenwriters, graphic designers, philosophers and illustrators whose task is to create a prototype of a video game over the weekend.

It is a space for individuals and interdisciplinary teams where they can test their bold game design and skills. The specific topic that the game is to deal with will be published at the beginning of the event. This year will be Czechoslovak!

It will take place in cooperation with Game Days and Game Developers Session Prague online on 6.11. – 8.11.2020. The participants of the game jam will choose the winner from among themselves by voting.

However, each participant can also participate in a competition for a joint, Czechoslovak award, where the winner will be chosen by an expert jury. Bratislava Game Jam 2020 is the sixth year of our game jam. Game Days Game Jam 2020 is the third year of game jam organized at this event.

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