Registration: Applying for Game Funding via Creative Europe MEDIA

Creative Europe offers non-repayable grants of up to €150,000 to experienced developers looking to create their own IP. The grants allow them to experiment with gameplay and mechanics as well as with story and character design, and to develop playable prototypes for narrative games.


Developers are invited to participate in this workshop ahead of the deadline for next Creative Europe’s Video Games call to work with experienced video game developers from Europe that recently applied and received support via this program.

The event will be followed by individual consultations provided by speakers. Consultations are limited to 15 participants and require sending materials in advance. You can submit your work in progress applications (text only in bullet points) to get feedback on your application contents.

DEADLINE: 20. 11. 2020
APPLICATION: click here

The event offers to guide potential applicants through the submission process and give them insight from four international developers who have previously received funding for their projects:

  • Frostpunk: Content-related issues you may encounter when creating an application for the Creative Europe Media program (Pawel Miechowski / 11 Bit Studios)
  • Someday You’ll Return: A case study of the successful Creative Europe Media application (Jan Kavan, CBS Software)
  • Trip the Ark Fantastic: Creative Europe’s Media first Croatian success – finance and budgeting tips (Aleksandar Gavrilovic, Gamechuck)



Aleksandar Gavrilović is the co-owner of Gamechuck, a small Croatian studio focused on developing indie games. He has previously worked on various award-winning and critically acclaimed games such as “Viktor, a Steampunk Adventure” and “All You Can Eat”, both as a programmer and as a writer. He is currently the producer for Trip the Ark Fantastic, the first Croatian game that received the Creative Europe MEDIA grant.

Pawel Miechowski – partnerships manager at 11 bit studios, creators of This War of Mine, Frostpunk, publishers of Moonlighter, Children of Morta, and more. Pawel has been working in the game industry for over 20 years, for Metropolis Software, CD Projekt, and 11 bit studios. Big fan of video games, sci-fi books, football, and positive vibrations.

Jan Kavan – Jan Kavan is a composer, cellist, and indie game developer. He achieved PhD. in the theory of composition with a specialization in adaptive music. He worked on over 15 published titles and in 2006 founded CBE software which is best known by critically acclaimed J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars and Someday You’ll Return, the latter supported by the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union.

The workshop is organized in close cooperation with Game Days, Game Developers Session, Creative Europe Desk Slovakia, and Creative Europe Desk Czech Republic.




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