SGDA will award Slovak Game of the Year at Game Days

SGDA will award Slovak Game of the Year at Game Days

Slovakia has been a major league player in the videogame industry – with annual turnover of EUR 42 million. The sector employs hundreds of experienced developers and the quality of digital games has been growing. At Game Days Trnava, we will learn the names of the best titles of the year.

Slovak Game Developers Association (SGDA), aiming to highlight exceptional videogame projects, will award Slovak Game of the Year for the second time. The nominees represent a large scale of game types and genres by both renowned studios and independent developers. The shortlist of 11 games reflects the diversity and the vitality of Slovak videogame industry. It includes the dungeon crawler Hellmut: The Badass from Hell, the retro strategy game Loria, the isometric RPG Shadows: Awakenings, and many others. You can find the shortlist at

An expert international committee composed of game designers, developers, journalists and other professionals from the videogame industry will select the winners in seven categories. The award ceremony will take place during the festival Game Days Trnava (30 May – 2 June 2019) at Nádvorie, Centre for Contemporary Culture in Trnava. The winner in the Gamers’ Award Category will be selected by the audience. Vote now for your favourite game of 2018 at


Slovak Game of the Year will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Slovak Game of the Year
  • Best PC/Console Game
  • Best Mobile Game
  • Best Art Style
  • Best Game Design
  • Best Debut
  • Gamer’s Award

Game Jam – deadline till April 30, 2019

Game Jam (May 30 – June 1) will be held during 48 hours. The theme of the event will be announced shortly before the festival. The competitive teams will be formed on the spot from the registered animators, game designers and game developers. Registered teams will present their creations to the festival audience and to an expert jury that will decide about the winner.

game jam is a hackathon for video games. It is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time. Participants are generally made up of programmers, game designers, artists, writers, and others in game development-related fields.

If you are interested in participating in our Game Jam, please, fill in the registration form before April 30, 2019. We will contact the selected participants on 10th May, 2019. By confirming your participation you will receive a full festival pass. Participants cover accommodation costs on their own.


For any further info, do not hesitate to contact us at


Special supporting participants

Grand Beats – Professional music production

We are a team of ordinary youngsters trying to create unique music. We cover complex music production of audio-visual projects and performers starting with drafts of audio profiles up to their materialisation/creation. We understand the necessity of audio and its correlation with the visual content and the desires of the author. We are ready to accept any challenge and our goal is to move your project´s audio to different levels.



Stroon is a vibrant element on the Slovak music scene. Not only thanks to vibraphone, typical of him, but also because of countless projects and cooperations where he leaves his imprint. Dreaminess, contemplation, strife for weightlessness, conceptualism, all that can be found inside. Modality, rhythmic structures, minimalism, distortion, synth-scapes and proto-melodics on the outside. His live-sets attempt to be sight, time, and audience-specific, resulting into a blend of early electronics, acoustic compositions, dystopian improvisations, solar preludes, or his latest tracks. Those can be found on Vice Laboratory vinyl/digital released by Deadred / Starcastic on the 10th of April.

Pitching Session – deadline till April 30, 2019

Game Days Pitching Session offers an opportunity for aspiring developers and students to present their interactive multimedia projects in development. The presentations will be assessed by a jury of experts and the best projects will be awarded with prizes and valuable feedback.

If you would like to participate in the Game Days Pitching Session, fill in the registration form by April 30, 2019.


The presentation is limited to 7 minutes and it will be conducted in English language. The participants can use this time to their best: show trailers and videos or present a developer walkthrough.

The selected participants will be announced on May 10, 2019. Game Days Trnava will provide each chosen participant with a festival accreditation.

For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Showcase – deadline till May 10, 2019

Game Days Showcase offers the opportunity to showcase and test your games in development with our audience. Participants will have their own tables available, but have to bring their own hardware.

If you would like to participate in the Game Days Showcase, fill in the registration form by May 10, 2019.


Selected participants will receive a free festival accreditation. The festival does not cover traveling or accommodation fees.

The Game Days Showcase will take place during Game Days Trnava (May 30 – June 2, 2019).

The selected participants will be announced on May 15, 2019.

For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Game Days 2019 will take place in Trnava

Nothing lasts forever! The videogame festival Game Days has parted ways with Fest Anča International Animation Festival. However, both festivals want to keep on cultivating their mutual respect and inspiration. Fest Anča Game Days 2019 will take place from 30 May to 2 June at Nádvorie, Centre for Contemporary Culture in Trnava.

There were several reasons for Game Days to separate from Fest Anča. The digital games festival grew in size and in ambitions and it finally became ready to form an independent event. Thanks to the formation of a separate organization team, the video game festival can take place in a more suitable venue and chose a more convenient programme structure. However, the organizers decided to keep the Fest Anča label for the first independent Game Days edition.

“We are looking forward to the new opportunities that have opened up for both festivals. We really enjoyed exploring the intersection of animation and digital games within the framework of Fest Anča, but the time has come to create something new and exciting. Both festivals will now have a chance to evolve and diversify their programmes within the scope of their specialization,” says Maroš Brojo, Fest Anča Game Days Organizer.

The past five years of Fest Anča Game Days brought animated film fans under one roof with the fans of the young, agile and exciting medium of digital games. Animated film and video games share creative methods, experimenting and a zeal to discover new horizons. However, the growing fanbase of videogames with artistic value encouraged the foundation of an independent festival. The first edition in Trnava will orbit around the central theme of Gamers with Disabilities. Fest Anča International Animation Festival was an incubator that gave rise to Game Days. Now it’s time for both events to explore the possibilities of an individual growth, offering more specialized programmes for our respective visitors. Yet, we keep on supporting one another and the door for future collaborative projects stays open,says Fest Anča’s Programme Director Ivana Sujová.

12th Fest Anča International Animation Festival will offer attractive programme for animated film professionals and enthusiasts. Just like last year, there will be a themed-focus. The central theme will be announced in April. In 2019 the festival will expand the Industry section dedicated to animation professionals, aiming to reinforce the networking within the Slovak animation community.

Fest Anča, thank you for all the beautiful moments and unforgettable experiences that we’ve shared. It is time to leave the nest!

This Years Game Days Focus is on Games for People with Disabilities

Enthusiasts of innovative digital games, save the date for this year’s festival season’s highlight! From 30 May to 2 June, Nádvorie, Place for Contemporary Culture in Trnava, Slovakia, will host an event bursting with talks and presentations of prominent video game developers from Slovakia and abroad.

It is not a simple task to create an innovative digital game with artistic value. Sometimes it can get wild and bizarre, while other times it is a very precise and logical process. Therefore, Game Days Festival orbits around talks and presentations of game developers who bring innovations, originality and new viewpoints into the digital game industry.

This year’s Game Days will focus on “Gamers with Disabilities”. Accessibility in video games for impaired gamers has been evolving in recent years. One of the speakers to enlighten us about the subject will be Sightless Kombat, gamer who exploits the world of video games while being completely blind. Oriol Gomez, developer of games for visually impaired and creator of Beatstar will tell us more about how to base gameplay on an innovative use of sounds.

The revolutionary Adaptive Controller by Microsoft is designed for gamers with limited mobility. The visitors of game days will have a chance to test it live. “It is the first time in the five years of existence of Game Days that we have decided to structure the event around a central topic – Gamers with disabilities. Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller is a unique tool that makes video gaming accessible to people with various forms of physical impairment. This year’s programme will also focus on visually impaired gamers and present the fascinating phenomenon of audiogames,” says Maroš Brojo, Fest Anča Game Days organizer.

Previous editions of Game Days included successful video-game themed exhibitions. This year you can expect an exhibition presenting Czechoslovak games that deal with resistance against totalitarian regimes. Game designers and game developers can look forward to Game Jam, where teams composed of game developers, graphic designers and animators compete to create a video game prototype in just 48 hours. It is a unique opportunity to experiment with digital game design and to present the new games to festival audience.

Game developers will also have an opportunity to showcase their work in progress during the Pitching Session. Their projects will be assessed by an expert jury composed of designers, producers and distributors. To partake in the Pitching Session means not only gaining invaluable feedback, it can also open possibilities for finding new business partners.

Game Days also puts a spotlight on Slovak digital games. Last year the turnover of Slovak game development industry reached EUR 42,7 million and it keeps on growing. During the festival, Slovak Game Developers Association (SGDA) will announce the winner of the Game of the Year Award for the best Slovak video game.

At night, the festival will turn into a party featuring concerts and DJ sets by video game music producers. You can also grab the chance to meet our guests in an informal setting and ask them some more about their work.

The new venue, Nádvorie, is a cultural centre situated in Trnava Old Town. It sensitively combines historical and modern architecture, creating a unique genius loci. Its exceptional reconstruction by Vallo Sadovsky Architects was awarded the prestigious ARCH prize for architecture last year.

We are looking forward to your visit! Long live digital gaming!