Designing the Believable, Memorable Game City
Designing video game cities and interactive urban environments is often taxing, but when cleverly approached  game cities can provide with some of gaming’s most memorable, immersive, and dynamic environments. In this talk I will be covering the fundamentals of constructing urban spaces, and discussing how key concepts and methods of urban planning and city geography can be applied to game design, level design, and world building. I will also showcase why cities are rich, narratively fertile environment to draw ideas from, and how to digitally recreate urban spaces as convincing illusions. Tips and tricks for making game cities memorably stand out will also be presented.

Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Following a PhD and over 10 years of research in urban planning and city geography, Konstantinos Dimopoulos moved on to combine his knowledge of urbanism with his love for designing games into the field of game urbanism. Since then he has designed cities, urban mechanics, and narrative geographies for several games, and has worked and consulted on projects such as The Sinking City, Lake by gamious, A Place for the Unwilling, the text-heavy Cyberganked and We Are Free Mice, MMO Seed, and city-builder Cyberpunk Cities. Konstantinos Dimopoulos also lectures on level design and game urbanism at SAE Athens, writes articles for a variety of publications, gives talks, and is the author of the forthcoming Virtual Cities atlas.

Konstantinos Dimopoulos (GR)
Game Urbanist, Designer